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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Whangaroa Harbour - Wow!

We've had a fabulous spinnaker sail round to Whangaroa Harbour. What a place! Have a look at our anchorage spot HERE

A few GoPro photos of the trip:

The Irish Flag flying

Approaching the entrance to the harbour

The view from our anchorage - the water is pretty muddy, as Graham discovered when he went for a swim!
We have heard good news and bad from Fiji - it seems that Fulaga escaped major damage from the cyclone but Savusavu has been badly hit. The wonderfully eccentric Curly Carswell (a NZ expat who lives on a houseboat in Savusavu harbour and is a mine of information for visiting cruisers) has updated his blog with this information:

"Comms back up last night...

I'm OK I guess but finding it very difficult to get around left leg injured ,  house boat damaged by 11 boats crashing into it as they wizzing past, but she is floating and mooring held

Winds well in excess of 135 Knot's BUT Gusts hate to think how much over 135!!!!!!!

Savusavu is a Disaster Area, Nawi looks naked; 22 Vessels up on rocks or aground, some badly damaged Heart-Beat - sunk on shore , Quickzotic Cat-Port Hull holed she is on rocks-Cruiser team working on her, Amosea Island Cat way up on rocks both hulls holed-badly damaged;Pacifica parked against sea wall next to MH Port Hull pierced by Power Pole badly damaged,Stella Rosa  will probably sink. high number of Local power boats upside down or sunk.Damage to housing and infrastructure major/major.....roading has been hit hard, no road apparently to Cousteau., Power out in many area's , probably 60 % of trees down.

I called a meeting of all cruisers  day after TC Winston went thru, very well attended, we are getting organized to help ALL effected yachts, Priorities set ,  darn it some grumbling as they want priority ho hum....now we have comms we will be able to move quicker....lots of shops not open staff working on homes etc It is awesome how most of the fleet are working together......

More later  on overload and not able to  do my own repairs"

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