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Monday, 29 February 2016

Customer Service!

Generally speaking, we have been pretty impressed with the levels of customer service we have experienced in NZ. However, that's often the way with small companies and bigger businesses all too often fail.

Not so with Dometic NZ Ltd, the company behind the Waeco fridge that we installed recently. When we were trying to work out whether the slider device would fit into our locker we emailed their helpline and got some excellent advice from a wonderful chap called Shane. He even went to the lengths of unpacking one from its box and taking a photo which he then clearly annotated with dimensions so we knew exactly what we'd be ordering.

We sent him a link to this blog to show the final part of the story and, a few days later received an email: "We have read your blog with interest. Since you have gone to great lengths
to install your new WAECO CFX-40 Fridge/Freezer, we would like to send you a wireless display as a parting gift to use on the high seas."

Sure enough a parcel arrived at the marina office and we now have another bit of tech on Maunie:

The display talks to the fridge over a wireless link to show temperature and supply voltage, plus any temperature alarms. The blue back-light makes for a very useful nightlight in the galley, too!
A wireless link to a fridge is one thing - but how about a charging point for your iPhone?!

So, well done Dometic and thank-you Shane for brilliant pre- and after-sales service!

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