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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Huahine surfin'

We’ve had two nights anchored at the very southern end of the island of Huahine, protected from the big southerly swell by a large encircling reef onto which the surf crashes spectacularly. We were in Avea Bay and at 16 degrees, 49 minutes south, 150 degrees 59 minutes – if you get a chance, have a look on Google Earth to get an idea of the place.

We motored down from the village of Fare at the north-west of the island, following a well-marked channel inside the reef to find this nicely sheltered and picturesque anchorages. After a very good lunch ashore yesterday we took the dinghy, along with Peter & Heidi, right round the southern tip of the island along a very shallow dinghy pass over the coral for a coffee stop on the white coral beach of a small island. 

On the way back we were treated to the sight of a couple of big canoes racing past us and the surf rolling onto the reef.

This morning we headed back up to Fare to restock on fresh food from the very good Chinese-run supermarket; we’ll stay here tonight then head across the the neighbouring, larger island of Raiatea tomorrow. Stormvogel have already left to go across there today but we’ll no doubt catch up with them again inn one of the islands in the next week or two.

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