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Friday, 5 July 2013

Boat maintenance in extoic places

The proximity to expensive marine engineers and chandlers seems to have had an effect on Maunie as bits that have been very reliable so far have just started to go wrong. However the good news is that we managed a full fix on the generator's oil (and water, it turned out) leak without calling in the expensive local engineers.

It transpired that the vibrations of the engine (sewing-machine smoothness isn't an attribute of the Faryman one-cylinder diesel motor) had caused a couple of bolts in the oil sump to work loose. Getting at them involved levering the engine out of the bottom section of its soundproof box - Dianne inserting a hammer handle at the required moment -  which also allowed us to clean all the dirty oil up. A messy job, but we also discovered a minor water leak and we're glad to report it's all running fine now - a satisfying fix.

Next jobs before we leave are a full service of the watermaker which still trips out occasionally - there is a Schenker service agent here so we have taken the unit out and he'll do it, hopefully under warranty, on Tuesday - and, we hope, a fix for our aft fridge which has suddenly decided it's bored with cooling things down. We're trying to find an engineer for this as it's  beyond our capabilities.

So we'll be in Tahiti longer than planned but it's not a bad spot

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