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Monday, 17 June 2013

Sunrise in Takaroa lagoon

Above: the village at sunrise and Stormvogel lies peacefully at anchor
For the first time since we left Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal, Maunie is completely motionless. Lovely. The lagoon is like a mirror this morning and sunrise gave the village a lovely warm colour. During the night (and completely unheard by us) the supply ship arrived at the concrete wharf in the entrance pass so there now seems to be a fair amount of activity ashore as she is unloaded. We'll inflate the dinghy and explore later this morning (there is talk of very good baguettes to be had here, information imparted by other boats, via the SSB radio, who were here  few days ago) but at the moment we are just enjoying the tranquillity of the anchorage. The water is deep (we're anchored in about 18m) but very clear so a swim is also on the cards.
There appears to be a wifi link here, amazingly, but at the moment we can connect to its signal but not the internet. However if we can make the connection later we should be able to upload more photos from the past few days.

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