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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A shopping day-trip aboard Stormvogel

Above: Maunie at anchor and the Dianne and Heidi driving Stormvogel
The weather has turned very sunny and hot so we are enjoying our sheltered anchorage, watching the tropical fish feeding around the coral and huge Manta Rays lazily swimming near the boats. It's so lovely that we don't feel a pressing need to rush off anywhere and decided that heading 85 miles up to Nuka Hiva, only to more or less retrace our wake on our way to the Tuamotus Archipelago a couple of days later, doesn't make huge sense. Instead we decided to do a day-sail back to Hiva Oa to buy more food provisions before heading west, so left Maunie at anchor and joined Peter and Heidi on Stormvogel for a lovely sail (a fun beat to windward in the morning and a delightful spinnaker run back in the afternoon).
The supply boat that arrived at Hiva Oa on Saturday meant that the supermarket was well stocked so we now  have enough frozen chicken, beef and bacon to augment the tinned supplies. We were a bit disappointed with the fresh veg availability but that's island life for you. Today we plan to dinghy around to a small village about 4 miles from here then there's going to be a 'dinghy raft sundowner party'  in the bay (each anchored boat brings drinks and nibbles to share in a raft of dinghies) so that should be entertaining.

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