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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Notes From a Small Island

We are back in English waters (well, Scillonian ones at least) after a good-as-it-gets 27-hour, 160nm crossing of the Irish Sea (gentle spinnaker run, nice breeze overnight and not too rolly). We thoroughly enjoyed our cruising around Bantry Bay and then down to Crookhaven and Baltimore (Maunie's original home).

Here are a few pictures:

Maunie's anchorages, from Dingle, to the north, to Baltimore in the south

Glengarriff - every bit as lovely as we'd hoped

Relaxing in Glengarriff Bay

The lovely Italianate gardens on Garnish Island, Glengarriff

The top of the Martello Tower on Garnish Island, built by the British in 1809

The excellent new town marina in Bantry, with a visit from the Irish Navy

Bantry House, still in the same family since 1720 but the upkeep looks like a struggle. There's no National Trust in Ireland so the family live in a wing and open it to the public but it needs a lot of money spending on it.

Dolphin escort out of Irish waters. We had 3 Pilot whales with us for a while as well.

Porthcressa anchorage on St Mary's, Scilly.

From the Garrison, looking towards St Agnes and Gugh

Hugh Town Harbour, St Mary's

The Harbour at low tide. The white ship is the Scillonian which comes over from Penzance every day, bringing visitors and provisions

16.30, and the Scillonian departs for Cornwall

A brilliant idea on Porthcressa beach
We will have another day on St Mary's, hiking over to the east coast, then head back to Cornwall tomorrow. It's about a 5 hour sail to Newlyn, though we think that some diesel will have to be burnt as there's precious little wind in the forecast.

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