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Friday, 11 May 2018

We have Maunie back!

It was a very exciting day yesterday as we were re-united with Maunie. The mighty Damgracht had put on a burst of speed in the last few days so arrived in Southampton on Wednesday evening which allowed us to dash down from Scotland; fellow Vancouver 38 owners Duncan and Elisabeth very kindly let us stay with them and we took the passenger ferry from Hythe across Southampton Water yesterday afternoon.

Our first view of the Damgracht from the ferry

From the dock - Maunie nestled up at the bow

On deck it was a busy scene - a Halberg Rassy 46 is hoisted up and Maunie would be next

Lift off!

Ready to splash
We were on the ship for about an hour in total and chatted to Arnold, the Dutch captain who was about to complete a 4-month stint in charge. The unloading process went very smoothly apart from one heart-stopping moment - the key broke off in the padlock on the main hatch which (despite being advertised as rust-proof) had seized solid. A patient application of easing oil and pliers eventually had us into the cabin and we were delighted to find the boat in great order - nothing broken or damaged and the engine fired up first time.

We've moved Maunie to Hythe Marina for a week to allow us to get her ready for sea - sails to re-fit, halyards to reeve and navigation to think about. It's so good to be back on board but it is distinctly chilly so we are going to have to dig out the fleeces!

In the meantime it's back up to Cheshire for niece Amy's wedding so it's all go.

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