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Friday, 10 June 2016

Escaping to warmer climes

This was our first glimpse, yesterday evening, of any kind of clear sky in several days. The wind has been whistling through the rigging and the rain lashing us so it's a delight to be back in more gentle conditions.

The various weather models that we use to try to pick the best time to leave have been changing pretty dramatically over the past couple of days but we have decided to leave (along with lots of other boats) tomorrow morning. It won't be a perfect passage but good enough and, most importantly, safe. 

So we have a little flurry of activity ahead of us - final stowage of things so they won't fly around the boat, filling the water and fuel tanks and clearing out with NZ customs. The first day or so looks fairly gentle so that'll be good for us to get our sea legs before we get some stronger breezes on Monday.

We'll aim to update the blog each day (but don't worry if we miss a post) and will also update the chart with our position and conditions each morning - you can find it at https://www.yit.nz/yacht/maunieofardwall

It should take us about 7 days to reach Aneityum, the most southerly island of Vanuatu.

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