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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Glorious Weather

We are following the progress of the boats that set off at the end of the week; once again we've started up the Southern Cross radio net so have about a dozen yachts checking in each morning. Most report a lot of motoring and light winds but the breeze seems to be picking up for them now.

Meanwhile we've been enjoying some wonderful weather as we've been out exploring the Bay of Islands and having some great wildlife moments.

The training vessel R. Tucker Thompson anchored in Pipi Bay

Laura spotted some dolphins in the distance
These were large Bottlenose dolphins who seemed very interest in us and another yacht...

.....Until they found a school of fish!
There's a researcher at one of the NZ universities who's studying Bottlenose dolphins in this part of the country so Laura is going to send her some photos and find out what she's doing.

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