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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Farewell, Horace, faithful friend

Feeling a little emotional here as we've just said goodbye to a close friend who has been with us for two and a half years. He's been the best kind of friend too - always there for us, ready to go anywhere at a moment's notice, reliable and uncomplaining. But, at sixteen years, old we had to think of him and let him go to someone else whilst he's still got that wonderful shine to his coat and hasn't started to falter.

Still shiny after all these years

Two and a half years of motoring around NZ has cost us about £1000 in depreciation, £500 in insurance, £200 for new tyres and £150 for servicing so Horace has given us pretty cheap and completely reliable transport. It's made us realise the wisdom of buying old but good cars - ok you don't get all the latest gizmos but Horace was comfy, had aircon and a CD player and, of course, the roof bars for our amazing camping expeditions around New Zealand.

 For the next couple of months we'll manage with buses and generous offers of loan cars for any trips to the shops and so we're pleased to have sold him now rather than worrying and potentially selling the car cheaply just as we were about to set sail in May.

Thanks to Claire for kindly putting the successful advert on Trade Me (the equivalent of eBay) for us!

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