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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Maunie's a going concern, once again

We are delighted to report that our engine is running again, and much more smoothly and powerfully than it has done for 12 months or more. Clearly it had gradually declined in performance over several months but the difference now is really quite dramatic.So it should be, after a $2700 bill! Full marks to Seapower, though, for seeing the project through to completion.

So after nearly a month on the mooring it was great to be able to sail out into the Bay of Islands yesterday afternoon to anchor in Uruapukapuka Bay next to Kiapa.

A beautiful anchorage, shared with friends
As soon as we were anchored, Graham donned his wetsuit and dived over the side to scrub Maunie's bottom, which was pretty slimy and weedy. The water was a lot colder than in Fiji so Dianne heard a few choice words piped up his snorkel tube! We had a lovely meal aboard Kiapa and a very peaceful night.

This morning we left the anchorage at 07.00 to sail past Cape Brett and the Hole in the Rock en route to Tutakaka , 30nm down the coast.

Kiapa cresting a large swell

The Hoke opening up

Lionel with a lovely cup of tea on Kiapa's foredeck. The wind filled in shortly afterwards to give us some pleasant sailing.
We are meeting up with Carl and Linda (from the yacht Navara) this evening as Tutakaka is their home port. Then we'll have an early start in the morning for a 60nm passage toward Auckland.

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