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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Testing the Sikaflex and the mooring

The remains of Cyclone Ita, which gave Northern Queensland a pasting a couple of days ago, has arrived of the west coast of North Island. With a high pressure system to the south east the 'squash zone' in between will be particularly unpleasant.

This is the GRIB file (the system we use to download wind and pressure forecasts via the satellite phone) for tonight. The closer the isobars the more wind and, being in the southern hemisphere, the winds revolve the opposite way around highs and lows. So the low is bringing north-easterlies to us here in the NE of north island and the high is pushing easterlies in from further south. 

The result, at the moment, is driving rain and gusty winds which are forecast to peak at up to 60 kmh in the early hours of the morning. A good test of all our work to fix deck leaks!

Thankfully our mooring is close to a steep wooded hill to windward so it's doing a fine job of providing shelter from the biggest gust; hope we'll sleep though it.

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