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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Driving North till the road runs out

Internet access (and even mobile phone signals) a bit patchy in this neck of the woods so a quick update with photos to follow sometime soon.

We've driven as far as it's possible to drive up the west coast of South Island - north of Westport, past the mining townships of Granity and Hector and on past the village of Karamea to a spectacularly beautiful DOC campsite on the beach at the start of the Heaphy hiking track. Unfortunately this site was home to millions of biting sand flies who made life a bit trying so we just stayed one night.

The forecast is for sun and light winds for the next few days (unusual conditions for this part of the country -the Oparara Basin where we walked yesterday gets 6,000mm of rain a year!) so we'll head slowly south and are aiming to get to Dunedin on the south east coast at the weekend.

Loving the countryside, hating the sand flies and meeting some lovely people en route.

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