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Friday, 1 November 2013

Enn Zed Plans

It's been a busy few days but we've made great progress on some important boat servicing jobs. The outboard has just come back from the workshop after its first year service and we collected the sails from the North Sails loft this morning after some tlc and minor repairs. Overall they are still in excellent condition, we're glad to say.

Roger Hall, sailmaker, with our mainsail

We're now waiting for a response from the German manufacturers of our Windpilot so we've removed the wind vane assembly since it doesn't achieve anything without a rudder!

Planning ahead, we aim to go off cruising around the Bay of Islands early next week for 10 days or so then will come back here to have Maunie lifted out of the water for some maintenance jobs below the waterline. After that we'll be sailing slowly down the coast to Auckland where we'll probably spend Christmas and New Year. So we'll update the blog every week or so when we have news / nice photos to share.

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