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This is the blog of Maunie of Ardwall. After a six-year adventure sailing from Dartmouth to Australia, we are now back in Britain.

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Not exactly planned....

With gales and sleet showers all around us, we motored up the Dart in the early hours of Friday morning for another lift-out at Baltic Wharf.  The reason? Two weeks after our relaunch in September, there was a southerly gale and our trot mooring (10 boats in a line of fore and aft mooring buoys) surged upstream; as the most upstream boat, Maunie scraped up against our bow buoy and its chain scratched her shiny new paint. We could have cried but the harbour authority admitted liability so the repair won’t cost us, apart from the considerable hassle.

Scratches above the shiny blue stripe 

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