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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Faluga Photos 2: Village life

 Here are a few photos from the village:

Family picnic lunch in the school field

The delights of a digital camera - Cindy shows her photos

Meli and Jima find a comfy place to sit

The boys pose in their new sports shirts 
The entire school on the beach - for post lunch teeth brushing

A party thrown for Adam and Cindy's 24th wedding anniversary (note spelling on poster!). They were dressed in traditional tapa wedding skirts for the occasion.

Anne and Dianne are taught the moves to the Faluga Canoe Dance by headmistress Dau and top fisherwoman and weaver, Gailee

Jonni pours a new batch of kava into the bowl

Graham (in traditional sulu) pounds yagona root to make kava, under Meli's supervision
Jiko finishes another mat and instructs Jess on the techniques
The proud VHF team - Graham, Aqila and Adam with the newly-installed aerial mast at the Clinic
The house cat with 3-day old kitten
Meli and Jiko's house. No electricity or running water and just an open fire for cooking in a nearby lean-to. The most welcoming house in the world.

Meli enjoys a tast of Christmas Pudding and whipped cream which be brought to our leaving party. We didn't like to tell the Methodists that it contained alcohol as they all loved the taste!

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