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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Some photos from Faluga

We have a little credit left in our July satellite phone account so we thought we'd post some small photos from the past couple of weeks in Falugu.
So, above, we have:
1. Our hosts, Meli, Jiko, Jona and Jima in their Sunday best
2. Jima making eyes at us in church
3. An amazingly tame Kingfisher
4. Meli at work – he's one of the best carvers on the island
5. The view over our anchorage
We have a busy day ahead of us. This afternoon we are going into the school to give a lesson! Amongst other topics we'll tell them about making yogurt – Graham has a video on his laptop showing the production process at Yeo Valley's Blagdon dairy and we've made some apricot yogurt for the children to taste. After that there's a big fundraising party organised by the women of the village who have been rehearsing dances and songs for the past few days; judging by the laughter we've heard coming from their rehearsals, it should be very entertaining.

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