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Monday, 29 July 2019

Battleship Grey

The Maunie project is now progressing quickly. On Wednesday, Rick came back to glue the main decking down and he sent us these photos - we think it looks fabulous:

Meanwhile the Baltic Wharf Repairs team has set-to with orbital sanders to smooth back the paintwork on the hull and fill in any major war wounds from our sailing trip. She was then moved into the spray bay and was given a first coat of primer so she's currently sporting a battleship grey look.

The first coat of primer exposes any minor imperfections and blemishes so, when we visited this morning, the team was busy with fine-grade filler to make them disappear when the next coat of paint is applied.

A couple of minor cracks in the gelcoat needed more intensive surgery with epoxy 

The stern, with redundant bolt holes for the bathing ladder (which we won't refit since it keeps snagging the mooring lines on our river mooring) filled and faired
By the end of this week she should have her white glossy topcoat applied and the following week she'll be masked up for her blue stripes; we know she'll look better than new. The Baltic team has just completed a really major insurance job on another yacht which broke free from its mooring in a gale and hit rocks - they had to rebuild a huge, gaping hole in the starboard quarter but, as the late Eric Morecambe would say, you can't see the join! The paint job is superb.

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