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Friday, 26 September 2014

A different perspective

Photographers and landscape artists love perspectives - the way distant hillside fade into light tones and how differing sizes of objects can fool the eye.

Take this simple photo, for example:

It was taken in the early evening light from our anchorage in Blue Lagoon (where the Brooke Shields film was made, apparently) and you can see the hillsides to the right fading off into the distance. A couple of catamarans in the foreground are of similar size, you might think. But no, Margarita to the right is about 13m long whilst Hemisphere is the world's largest sailing catamaran at a whopping 44m long. 

A cozy saloon

under way
Read more at http://www.boatinternational.com/yacht-features/hemisphere-the-worlds-top-cat/ 

A very different perspective on sailing! We've come across Hemisphere a few times now (including the time they had to anchor outside Port Denarau as they are too big to fit into the marina) and we've got used to the admiring stares as Maunie sails past.

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