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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Dressed for the Tropics

Sorry, we know that Britain has experience a cold and windy May and that June hasn't started so well; however, we have to report that it's oppressively hot and humid here. Savusavu is a brilliantly sheltered harbour but that just means that it feels fairly airless aboard just now.

We've rigged Maunie with her full selection of shade canvas and added a 'Windscoop' to funnel whatever breeze there is down through the fore-hatch to make life below feel vaguely bearable:

On the mooring in Savusavu

Close-up of the sun-shades and Windscoop

The mooring in Savusavu
Meanwhile the locals all think that the weather is turning rather cool! Remember that we are heading into winter here so we can't imagine how oppressive the heat must be in mid-summer. The town in a busy, bustling sort of place with lots going on - we were sorry to miss out on the raffle prizes advertised on this notice:

We assume that the Billy Goat and Rooster would be still walking around on collection!

All being well we'll head out to fresher breezes and cooler temperatures in the next couple of days.


  1. Savusavu looking great, as is Maunie in her sunny finery.....Love the raffle poster, see if they'll give it to you for the scrapbook!!! Cheers mates, from cold rainy NZ!!!

  2. It's a whole new take on the "meat tray" raffle prize!! Trish x P.S no sympathy re ghe stifling heat, comedy torrential downpours here!