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Monday, 29 June 2015

All dressed up, Fulaga-style

We have a little data left on our account at the end of the month so here are a few photos...
In the village we're expected to dress in accordance with local expectations; the missionaries brought standards of long dresses, covered shoulders and knees to the people of Fiji and today the people find western skimpy clothes embarrassing. Men are expected to wear sulus – usually brightly-coloured skirts wrapped around the waist and knotted at the front and on Sundays and other special occasions, there are formal sulus made in pinstripe suit material.
Graham scored extra points at church with his formal sulu plus shirt and tie; the Chief's brother wanted a photo with him!
The other dress-up event was a meke – a dancing event in the second village – where we were presented with beautifully fragrant garlands.

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