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Thursday, 9 April 2015

They take their sailing seriously here

Our mooring in Opua lies at the entrance of a long river estuary which is often used by the Opua Cruising Club for its hard-fought Wednesday evening races.

Last week the fleet sailed past us in a beautiful evening light so Graham jumped into the dinghy to take photos of the the action. Here is a small selection:

The keelboats beating against the wind 

A mixed fleet of boats! This is a Tornado cat 
Sailing downwind with spinnakers

'Californian Kiwi' looking good as she approaches the finish

Sailing towards the finish (and the sunset)

A big crew on Mr Wolf, but the boat was going well

We've donated the photos to the club so they'll appear in their next monthly newsletter. The plan is also for the club to offer copies of the individual boat photos to their owners in return for a donation to the its fundraising activities.

Our timing was great as this was the last race of the season. Autumn approaches here!

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  1. How great that they will use your lovely photos for such a good cause. Trish x