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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Heading back for a taste of winter

Looking at the weather forecasts for the UK, we are seriously questioning our sanity but we leave Auckland (current temperature about 25 degrees) this evening and arrive, shivering, in London on Monday afternoon. The last few days have been spent finding whatever warm clothes we have and remembering what you do with socks (not worn for quite some time!). We've borrowed a couple of wheelie suitcases and packed quite a lot of stuff that's not wanted on voyage. 

Huge thanks go to Tony & Claire and Trish & Ian for making the last couple of days so easy for us - Horace the Honda is safely parked in Birkenhead (not a sentence I ever thought I'd write!) and we had a great Vietnamese meal in downtown Auckland last night. Having successfully completed our Alcohol-Free January, we celebrated Trish's birthday in style.

Maunie's safe and secure on her mooring in Opua with a local guy checking her whilst we are away.

So this'll probably be the last blog update until we return in March - emails to our usual address will find us whilst we are on our UK tour.

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