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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Maori Hakkas, Christmas Llamas and New Zealand Bagpipes

After a very pleasant and busy week in Whangarei we're off sailing again so here are a few photos:

We had a local school welcome us with Maori songs and a Hakka at an event for visiting yachts:

At the annual Agriculture and Produce Show the following day we met the Christmas Llama (you've never heard of the Chrismas Llama?):

Then we were serenaded by the mournful wail of the bagpipes when the local pipe band came to practice just beside the marina:

Finally, yesterday we were delighted to see another Vancouver (a 34) arrive in the marina and moor ahead of us - her singlehanded skipper Rona is a pretty indomitable woman, having sold everything in the UK to buy the boat in Florida last year.

We'll be sorry to leave but are looking forward to some peaceful anchorages again.

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